Hello and Welcome!

My name is Dianne.

I am the author of this site and a number of other sites focused on providing education, goods and services for optimum emotional health care incorporating a whole body health care approach that supports individuals and family units.

Legal Leverage is aimed at utilizing legal and other professional industry expertise and experience for the benefit of the masses, we the people, in the hope of minimizing stress and anxiety in the pursuit of peace of mind, happiness and healthy emotional well being.

With gratitude I can sincerely give thanks to a career in the legal industry which spanned 25+ years.

I am also fortunate to have gained extensive professional expertise in a diverse array of industries combined with a plethora of personal experience encompassing a myriad of demographics.

Honestly, I say to you that for quite a number of years I had no desire to re visit the legal, finance and corporate industries.

I left the corporate world feeling disgusted and burnt out with a distaste for the legal fraternity and financial industries as a whole yet conflicted because it helped shaped who I am today.

Deep down the truth was I entered the arena of the legal profession for justice. To witness it in action, help implement it for others and be a part of it for the greater good of my fellow man.

Shocking personal experiences that overcame myself and my infant son from around 2005 onward which would gather momentum,  no longer supported my expectations of the industry I had held in such high regard and to which I had dedicated my career for 20+ odd years.

Subsequently, through necessity, over a number of years I trained intensely in and investigated alternate fields of interest such as psychology, mind power, and alternate and complimentary therapies in the pursuit of whole body health care.

I am now a recognized Educator and Mentor, International Coach, Hypnotherapist, Trainer of Trainers and Spiritual Healer.

Whilst on my re-training journey however, a few years back now, after running into Ron Lee aka the Corporate Ninja at a Business & Wealth Symposium in Sydney, I became aware of an innate obligation to share my legal expertise.

Ron Lee, one of many people to leave their mark upon the pages of my life, opened my inner eye insofar as my legal involvement up to that point. This would ultimately change my perspective and in turn bless me with profound shifts.

As time passed I continued to encounter people who needed to be able to communicate with someone on a more personable level. They were seeking someone who had legal expertise and yet was still able to relate. Someone experienced whilst skilled in communication and relations, able to deliver clarity in an area traditionally known for being intimidating, confusing and still very much archaic in nature.

Putting my own grievances aside, I still felt and still do feel obligated to share knowledge for a greater purpose. To deliver to every day people  information, services and products for the purpose of co-existing harmoniously, in good health, enhancing quality of life.

This innate calling is fanned to passion through personal experience and the realization of genuine need in the community and society.

“It is through the expansion of  our knowledge and the quality of our relationships we are able to feel part of a community, know there is support, there are options, people who can help and to make change and create a better life for ourselves, our families and society as a whole.” Dianne Mead

When you have knowledge you are also able to make better informed decisions that sit right for you.

Legal matters demand expertise but this does not dismiss the need for compassion, understanding and patience.

I believe every person has the right to know what is just and be fairly treated. It is however very disheartening that for justice to prevail in the present system one is placed in the position of making a ‘commercial decision’ as to whether it is worth pursuing.


Dianne Mead

“These are the laws of justice which Hammurabi the able king has established:

 That the strong may not oppress the weak,

to give justice to the orphan and the widow.

I have inscribed my precious words to my stele.”

1792-1750 BC


Copyright 2009 – 2019 Dianne Mead. All Rights Reserved.

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