The Just Information Site

The purpose of this site is to provide information to the general public for the purpose of  increasing  awareness, provide ideas for solutions by provoking thought, networking opportunities and contacts with  outcomes of clarity and direction, peace of mind, emotional stability and relief of stress and anxiety in a traditionally intimidating environment which has been daunting, archaic and confusing.

This site will constantly be updated to include scenarios and areas of law not only within Australia , but Worldwide.

Please read the information on the author.

We must for legal reasons, as we are sure you will appreciate, state content on this site has not been compiled by a Lawyer / Solicitor.

We welcome you to email us on any subject of interest. We ask you to be patient as we expand the diversity of content. As you can appreciate there is so much we can and wish to share. It is exciting!

Bookmark this site to catch updates and feeds.

We provide personal recommendations for professionals in many industries that specialise in the area specific to your needs for you to consider and further investigate.

If you believe you may be able to offer a service to our readers then we invite you to contact us so we can meet you and or speak with you further. We trust you will appreciate we are very particular as to the content, integrity and relationships we build and recommend.

We believe the more aware people are the better they are to make informed decisions and the more likelihood of attaining peace of mind in a world that is run by systems, fear and ego.



Legal Leverage has worldwide connections in legal, real estate, finance and other industries.

We value integral relationships

Motivated by the genuine desire to assist others and enhance the lives of many.


The information in this site is not to be taken as legal advice. You release the author and or her business and other associated entities from any liability. This information does not dismiss the necessity of seeking advice from a lawyer / solicitor.

When engaging a lawyer / solicitor / conveyancer / financial adviser or other professional –

1.  make sure they are covered by professional indemnity insurance; and

2.  are qualified to practice in the state or county within which the laws are applicable (e.g. a solicitor in Queensland cannot undertake conveyancing in NSW and to be protected in another country it is necessary to engage a lawyer / solicitor practicing and registered with the appropriate associations in that country or region)


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