Factsheet – Dealing with lawyers on the other side of litigation


This sheet in terms of practicality, through experience, is incorrect.

To explain further, there are only two avenues through which to deal with lawywers over complaints:

– Court

Your first point of contact should always be with the firm with which you have issue.

If you are not satisfied then contact the LSC in the relative state ie that governs the law firm with which you are dealing.

LSC = Legal Services Commission

The disagreement I have with the information provided by QPILCH on the attached factsheet is –

Once a matter involving a lawyer is in the courts, the Queensland Law Sociery QLS or Legal Services Commission willl very likely advise they cannot do anything, consider the matter a civil dispute and keep its hands free of the issue until the court matter has been processed.

If the conduct in your opinion warrants further investigation my suggestion is to find a senator who has shown interest in the legal system and pursuit of justice.

Providing information to the Senate particularly in inquiry matters is covered by Parliamentary Privilege.

You should always check with the senate to ensure you are not breaching any silence or confidentiality clauses by disclosure., that you will be protected.

And of course there is the media. Again you need to check your legal position and weigh up your options, risk if any with possible outcomes.

There are also law firms that specialise in misconduct cases. For the most part however, the legal industry has a similar reputation as the medical profession, in that the view is lawyers, like doctors, stick together and/or shy away from action against another lawyer. Politics and self interest may on the odd occasion present.

Unfortunately the legal system, at least in Australia, is pretty much self regulated.

However this does not mean there are not people aware of various inappropriate behaviours and/or conduct.

The legal fraternity in general has a bad reputation across the globe. This reputation has been earned.

Notwithstanding these alarming facts there are people and yes, even lawyers, who wish to be part of the solution toward:

A. Upholding the highest level of integrity in the profession.

B. Addressing and changing industry and associated industry culture and behaviour.

C. Changing the perception of the public.

D. Pursuing justice.

If you have a story of your own please share. Myself and others would like to know of your experience.

Until the extent of the problem is brought out of the shadows and into the light the types of problems experienced shall remain largely misunderstood, underrated or even unknown.

Dealing with lawyers for the most part is undesired and uncomfortable.

The general public are wary and have a sense of forbode when having to deal with lawyers in any instance without adding the anxiety of having to cope with , for example, the likes of bullying, inimidation, lawyer jargon, walking on egg shells, threats, pressure, undue influence, even yelling, and verbal abuse.

Disclaimer Reminder:

Information provided is not and does not constitute legal advice. Your circumstances are individual. Information on this site is provided to expand awareness and foster improvement for betterment of humanity, functioning of society, foster peace of mind and improved quality of life.


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