CHILDREN and the Family Law Act

When dealing with Children in the Family Court Australia there are two main sections of the Family Law Act that need to be addressed.

Section 60CC  How a Court Determines What is in a Child’s Best Interests


Section 65DAA  Court to Consider Child Spending Equal Time or Substantial and Significant Time with Each Parent in Certain Circumstances


Above all things maintaining your composure, your state of mind, is paramount to getting through the swirling funnel of emotional turmoil you are assured will besiege you until such time as a laid out plan either by way of Parenting Orders, Consent Orders or Court Orders are finalised.

More information to come shortly but in the meantime the critical information for you to digest is already peering back at you. So until I get to putting up more info get yourself along to the Family Law Act and start reading drawing particular attention to the above sections.

If you have any questions or concerns by all means drop me a line.

To Your Peace of Mind

Legal Leverage


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