Australian Immigration & Visas

After having an online presence for going on 3 years now I have come across a multitude of peoples from various nations across the globe. It is an exciting experience to have contacts around the world, many of whom have become some of my closest friends, despite the negativity associated with the mystery of cyber friends and “The Web”.

We live in a world that is forever changing and growing yet we exist within the realms of structure that can be so clinical, defined and limiting. Systems and attitudes of so many people and organisations attempting to make others function within belief systems and traditions that no longer serve  us or the greater purpose of humanity.

That said today I want to share information on migrating  to Australia.

Through todays era of internet I,  like so many others, am blessed to have beautiful friendships with people living around the globe from north to south and east to west. On the internet there are seemingly little to no boundaries in the realm of being able to connect but in the physical it is a different story.

Suddenly we are talking about imaginery boundaries that prohibit and regulate the free flow of people from one country to another, a mountain of paperwork, processes and avenues through which to navigate and utilize to satisfy the governments of countries you should be able to move in to and stay in that land. All of a sudden language becomes more of an issue, colour, creed, religion and money all serve to determine whether you are worthy of being granted permission to travel through and live in other countries amongst other peoples. All of a sudden reputations of countries and intolerances of others make a difference to  how you are perceived.

Pakistan…which plagues today’s news with stories of war, floods and refugees.

Saudi Arabia … a land that is masked by a veil of terrorism and islamic religion seen negatively through the eyes of so many  with closed minds and intolerant attitudes.

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Physically processing the movement of people has not yet caught up with the speedof the ethers and unfortunately the limitless boundaries of the internet are not yet mirrored on earth so we find ourselves confined by steps and processes through which to follow and move all of which are daunting and can be fatal to the outcome of applications.

And yet I see the beauty of  people …who like me…have family, feel pain, have a livelihood and seek the simplicity of peace.

Oh yes I am so blessed by the company of such an array of culture and experience.

We are so blessed … we the people living today in a world technology driven which by the year 2050 will see suborbital flight where aviation takes us from New York to Japan in 2 hrs.

And yet… here we are today with the daunting process faced by so many of applying for Visas to immigrate to another country.

Destination Australia

The land of plenty……

An attractive land with its array of diversity in opportunity which has become one of the most likeable and favourable countries to migrate.

Australia is pro-active in its approach to commercialising, export and trade and recognises the benefits of association with other countries.

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    Australia – The land of plenty- That`s good 🙂

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